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For a Failure or Security Incident  involving or any site,
use the Emergency Contact Procedure.  For a problem with, contact that site.

Can't access the sites? Call +1-206-779-9430 (GSM in gmt-0800)
or use SMS (also orcmid AT
Specify how you can be reached and leave a very brief
English description about the situation.

1. Need Personal Contact?  Is It Urgent?
2. Using the TROST Discussion List
3. Viewing the TROST-Discuss List
4. Posting to TROST-Discuss


1. Need Personal Contact?  Is It Urgent?

1.4 Confidential requests are discouraged.  Contributions to the TROST community as a shared commons is the preferred approach to discussion.  Anything that you want to know or suggest is probably of interest to others and is valuable if kept on-line.

2. Using the TROST Discussion List

2.4 The TROST Discussion List is the primary vehicle for public engagement and participation in TROST projects.  Blogs and wikis are great additional instruments for more-elaborate, evolving discussions to be added in the future.   For now, TROST-Discuss is the assured way of being able to interact with the TROST project, ask questions, find resources, provide feedback, answer questions, and participate in other ways.

2.5 It takes a little work to use a discussion list well.  There isn't much guidance for beginners though.  A great way to get the hang of it is to observe how others use the list: review the archive and watch discussions thread along.  Many users of SourceForge are already comfortable with e-mail discussion lists.  They've picked up tips and rules-of-the road that make discussion-list usage pretty smooth and effortless.   This page gathers some of that lore for newcomers to open-list participation practices.

2.6 The most important prerequisite is a respectable off-line mail reader.  You might be able to work with an on-line, web-interface mail system, but it can be cumbersome and you'll need to be able to have it create plaintext and not go heavy on advertisements.  You're likely to hate receiving TROST-Discuss mailings on your Personal Digital Assistant, iPod or cellular phone too.  If, on the other hand, you require special arrangements for accessibility and the site and TROST-discuss aren't working for you, please make that known and arrange to contact us.  We want to have accessibility "just work" and we'll need your advice and assistance in whatever we have to make that happen and confirm that it is working properly.

3. Viewing the TROST-Discuss List

4. Posting to TROST-Discuss

-- Dennis E. Hamilton
2005 May 2

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